Saturday, August 18, 2007

I love you

A flash of lightning.
Then nothing.
A promise made...
But not kept?

Clock on the wall tells you when.
A day in the history of tomorrows;
As inconsequential as you.
Mindless lyrics to no tune
Word after word,
Like the broken ticket-machine at the train station,

What is there in tomorrow?
A dream;
Unfulfilled? Broken?
Nothing. Not quite nothing.
Pieces of broken mirror
A ridiculous jig-saw puzzle
In each, a piece of you.
Each is separate
No one bothers to put it together
Fantastical thoughts go in and out of an otherwise crammed mind.

Something is wrong.
Or finally right.
A diamond in the rough.
Metaphor to describe a metaphor.
Imperfection, given meaning.

The clock still watches you.
You don't look as it counts down the seconds
To an end
To a beginning.

Learning for the sake of it,
Freedom from oppression.

Someone is at the gate,
Asking to be let in.
I won't answer;
Familiarity doesn't rear its ugly head.

Random numbers appear
They count

Everything goes blank.



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