Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today again...

I see that knowing smile on your face. What it represents isn't of significance. At least not to them. Its just between you and me.

Her hair up to her shoulders. Pretty scar below her right eye. She looked up. More interesting than just that. The expression on her face is overflowing the limits of my expression. Contained only just and yet not at all. A perfect fit.

If you may. There are things to be dealt with. Memories ask to be sorted. They are to be attended to. Just breathe. Clear your mind and listen. Hear that?

Thats the sound of no one caring...



Impossible in writing,
A sun rose,
And the city awoke to a cool morning.

A prayer called
Lamp lit
What religion do you choose to follow?
Voice, oil and wax melt into the proverbial pot.
Your choice doesn't really matter anymore...

This and that.
He and his friends went out to watch the snow fall
Greetings from the hot May sun.
Foolish grin.

Just another day in the crowded city.
They know no other.
Never taken a chance,
Never given any.
Urbanization is there
And here too...Hide

The picture is uncapturable.
Improbably existing in itself.
You cannot begin to imagine.
Take it in
Breathe so you can see

Ad-jingle and autorickshaw
As the postman delivers the mail,
Somewhere in a church,
In the booths of confession,
People whisper the true stories of their lives...


Thursday, May 10, 2007

From here to there

There wasn't anything you could do, or even try to do. There was nothing and yet it felt like something might have been there. The endless stream of verbose meaninglessness poured out in its constant stream of redundancy.....

I can't take this.....Enough......

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