Monday, April 04, 2005

This Old Man

Alone he sat, away from me,
Lost, he seemed, in reality.
Alone he sat, away from me,
This old man, that i could see.

Went I towards him, and softly asked,
"What do you do?"
And all he did was smile at me.
I asked again,
Just to see what he had to say.

His answer did, but startle me.
"Alone i sit and wait for death" said he.
By this he did but starle me.
And then he sat down and wept.

"Why do you cry?" I asked off him.
He said he did not wish to see,
This world with all its misery.
He said he knew all there was to know,
This life was but a bore to him.
And so he sat down and wept.

I watched his face with great intent,
And was but to see,
That this old man,
Was as old as me.

- Riddle

I dont like this one too much, but is all i have for the time being. Hope you like it.


My Poety

I write poety, and have always wanted to publish it somewhere. Hence forth i have created this site to put my poetry up so that anyone can read it. I love writing and let my feeling out through my writing. So some will be very intense and others will be light and happy. Hey, what can you expect. I'm only 15.

Thanks for reading.